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The Blender – Jan 3, 2016

By January 5, 2016jam

I went to CIC Theater’s The Blender (improv jam).

Things that stood out from the house team that opened (I can’t recall what their name was)…

  1. They were having fun. Almost like shitting on improv. They were absolutely having a blast messing with each other.
  2. They jumped on a specific game, I will try to write what it was: There were two pairs seating on chairs, the context was that they were in a drive-in movie theater. One guy came behind them, saying that he could not see anything because the cars were ahead of him. Some guy came behind this last guy saying that he was riding a Vespa. It was a fun pattern. So the thing that I take away is, how can I create patterns when I am on the sidelines. Two items of the same thing is not a pattern, but the third item makes it a pattern.
  3. They were playing at the top of their intelligence and they were not using dumb object work. The object work was adding to the scene and not taking away. The focus was on the dynamics of the relationships.

This is what I recall right now, I will try to remember more stuff and add to this post 🙂