Hello Chicago!
Have you always wanted to have a person on your side while you do social anxiety exposures? For example, I can be next to you while you walk around the shopping mall and strike up conversations with strangers. I have experience doing this and I can be your partner in your path to improving your social skills.

Another example of my services is being your public speaking coach. I have been President of Hispano-Americano Toastmasters in Oak Brook Illinois and I have been doing improv and stand up comedy in Chicago for the past 4 years. I can get your ready for any public speaking engagements and coach you in your performance and content to make it more memorable.

Here is my comedy resume for more information.

Please contact me and I will return your message within 24 hours, and usually within a few hours. I am extremely affordable and I will give you one on one assistance!

Looking forward to helping you 🙂