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Rehersal notes 1/11

By January 11, 2016rehearsal notes

With the cold weather outside and me missing an audition because I google mapped the wrong theater, I was off to a crummy start to my rehearsal, but it usually turns out that my mood changes as we get more warmed up. I messed up a few scenes in the rehearsal but the take aways for me were:

  • How important it is to name your scene partner.
  • Rather than saying how my character feels, act like that. Show rather than tell. The acting part.
  • Just pay more attention to the details of the scenes from the side lines, so that I can come with more information into the scenes.
  • Tagging into scenes with ideas that are not premise based more based on the character and how that character would react in a different situation. Time jumps are ok.
  • Other edits from the Weir Dass which can be theme-based or location-based.

Overall, I had a busy weekend with improv with a show on Friday, two classes back to back on Saturday and my Playground team rehearsal on Sunday, so I guess I might have had too much improv and I wasn’t ask into the rehearsal as I would normally be. Oh well! There is always next time.