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Prompts from today’s show at Sketch on the Rocks

By June 1, 2016show

Favorite tool: my boyfriend

I believe that: iphones will enslave us.

Should men hold doors for women: Yes and women should hold doors for men, whoever goes first.

Your name: Julia.

Circle one: (theme music)

Epic, War, Breaking News, Romance (the person circled “Romance”).

A title of a movie: “October Sky”

A piece of fruit or vegetable: Strawberry

Do you believe in God? I believe some people do

Name your God: I just share other people’s.

Real or made-up youtube channel: Pickle Fights.

Line of dialogue: that’s not what you said on Tuesday.

My political preference: Hodor 2016.

Character’s name: Jamie Lacroix. He hates sparkling water.

I like the most: Warm summer days.

Character name: Karen Fitzgerald. She’s afraid of pudding.

Favorite line from a movie: There’s a colonial woman. She’s churning butter!