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Kyle Dolan’s class of 1/16/16

By January 19, 2016class

Kyle Dolan’s class. We spent the first half of the class trying multiple person scenes. Some of the scenes were better than others, but to be honest, nothing appeared to be successful or fun to me. Kyle then had us mirror or match each other at the top of the scene with side coaching, but that wasn’t very enjoyable either. I felt like I was neither learning, nor enjoying the process and I don’t know if it was just me. But actually it wasn’t, one of my class mates was frustrated as well. Growing pains? I dunno. Pains, not sure if there was growing involved.

Kyle suggested matching to make multiple person scenes easier. Matching involved matching tones of voices, for example. In one of the scenes, we were in a sort of Spa situation, matching a softer pattern of speech. My frustration is that we can’t really do that in a show. We can’t whisper in a show, nobody would hear us. I saw a successful scene where one of the players was play a bartender (classic!). Having something to do in the scene makes being in the scene a lot easier. Knowing who we are helps a lot, and it appears to me that it all comes down to good acting. Being committed to our choices at the top of the scene. Lately I have been noticing that I don’t enjoy watching improv scenes where the improviser has a grin on the face as if he or she doesn’t believe their own choices and they are mocking the scene.

The second part of the class was about two person scenes where the improvisers were sitting on chairs. I will write more about this later.

Later…Ok, so this part of the class was about doing a longer scene that was more grounded, where characters knew each other, we named each other and it didn’t need to be a funny scene.