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Kyle Dolan Class # 5 – AP3

By December 19, 2015class

AP4 with Megan Johns starts 1/30/16

At the beginning of the class we reviewed with Kyle what we had done in week # 4.

We talked about initiating with scene parters having an activity that both improvisers shared, like fishing, or waxing a surf board. Why did we do this? Doing an activity together is one thing with can do instead of doing different activities. Either one is fine, but what’s the upside of doing the same activity? It gives us the opportunity at the top of the scene to explore the environment, and check in with ourselves to see how we are feeling. How does this activity inform our character? Also, by exploring an object or the environment, we are two people doing things in the environment and we don’t need to rely so much on verbal communication.

Another exercise that we did in week 4 was initiating scenes without making direct eye contact, at least in the beginning. This helped with listening, because we had to pay attention to what the other person was saying and we couldn’t rely on our scene partner’s body language.

We also touched on the importance of not playing polite, calling out specifics rather than leaving details unnamed. Also the idea of calling out our scene partner in errors and incorporating errors into our scene. Also the idea of fucking with each other! This was liberating and fun.

In the class we warmed up doing scenes where two of us were called by Kyle.

After that, the scenes started with only one improviser and another one would join right away.

After the break we did something new, we did scenes were we mocked the previous scene. The first scene was a grounded scene (we tried to play the scene in a real way), and the scenes that followed were two person scenes that mocked the previous scene. This exercise had a few outcomes / goals: try to remove layers of self-consciousness, critiquing the previous scene, and just having a great time.

One thing I personally tried is making sound effects during a scene and Kyle said that we should clarify if the sounds are being made by the characters in our scene or if the actor is trying to add sound effects to enhance the scene. I think Kyle said that it would be more helpful for our ensemble members on the sidelines to add the sound effects.

Below is how I wanted to do the sound effects: