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1/23/16, last Kyle Dolan’s class AP3 Annoyance

By January 25, 2016class

Things we did, lessons, teachings:

– Don’t initiate always from the same spot on the stage.

– Stick to your thing. If you have a thing, do that thing and keep doing that thing. Also, have a thing rather than not have a thing.

-Don’t try to make sense of the scene, go with instinct. [conflict here: how about the UCB approach that states that we need to hit the who, what, where early on so that we can find the game? don’t we need to also use the analytical part of the brain during the scene?]

– In ensemble, try to edit using transitions rather than sweeps.

– mind the stage picture.

As I think of what I will do with improv as time goes by, I want to keep getting better but sometimes I try to do too many classes at the same time. One thing that I want to do in the future is not spend so much money on classes and also take advantage of the opportunities to practice or perform that are free or inexpensive in the city.

So the goal is to:

  1. Be more choosy in terms of the classes that I take and take one program at a time.
  2. Take a great class rather than multiple mediocre classes.
  3. Take time for personal stuff, let the improv stuff be a part of the whole and not a huge portion of the whole.
  4. I am doing just for me and noone else. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  5. Balance.
  6. Enjoyment.
  7. Focus on Annoyance and then go into another program (CIC).
  8. Perform.
  9. Go to jams if I need more reps.
  10. Write notes during classes.
  11. Let the haters hate. Haters gonna hate.
  12. Just do my thing. Enjoy.
  13. Write lists.
  14. Listen to Cultura Profetica on Spotify.