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Sample 3 hour improv workshop

By April 28, 2016Uncategorized

Warm up (names + movement) around the circle. Verbal and physical. Then pass the name around.

Then the 2 steps behind warm up, first verbal (story) then physical (mirroring). Then both, verbal and physical.

Character development: leading with body part to create a character, what would that character think, etc.

Home, who, work, movement style.

Character interview.


3 line scenes.

2 person scenes (relationship + place).

Emotional reaction (heightening). Wants.

Themes, gifting, heightening, wants.

Object work. Sequencing.

3 person scenes (subdued 3rd character).

Matching point of view in 3 person scenes to make them into “2 person scenes”.

4 person scenes where each character knows how he / she feels about the other person.

Charades (knock knock).

4 square.

Freeze tag.