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Interesting Things: Movie Maggie’s Plan, Dan Ariely Video.

By May 29, 20165 things

I saw the movie Maggie’s Plan, and I enjoyed it immensely! Great movie! Woody Allen-esque. If you like Woody, you will like this style of movie. Talky but smart. Good character work from everyone. Ethan Hawke is in it. Bill Hader is in it. The girl from SNL Maya Rudolph or something like that. I won’t google her name, she is in it. The woman from that other bunch of movies, great actress is in it. Anyways, really good movie, especially if you are into character acting.

Dan Ariely: this is a great talk, very insightful. Psychology and dating and relationships. Most of what he says is backed by science.  Many of the things he says are counter intuitive but at the same time valuable, useful.