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Doctor Robot 1/12/16

By January 13, 2016show

The improv group doctor Robot open for Outlaw and MUD and one thing I can say is that they were really good. I enjoyed how they pretty much did not care about laughs at all and they took their time to establish who they were to each other and they invested in reality. The give and take was great, noone was yelling or showing unprovoked/fake emotions. I guess in one word I can say that they were grounded. In my mind I said, this is it, this is good improv and this is what I want to do. I mean, maybe I am exaggerating, they were good, and I enjoyed the show. Would I want to see every single improv scene for the rest of my life be a grounded and realistic scene? No. I want some crazyness and some bits. But investing in the reality of the scene without getting loud laughs is something that I want to be able to do more. And the thing is that to do that type of work you need a group that plays that way consistently. The moment one of the improvisers tries to go to crazy town, it’s hard to remain grounded. I may be wrong but this is what I think right now. It’s hard to remain grounded when one of the improvisers is taking you to unrealistic and crazy-town places.