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Upcoming Shows

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Shithole, 5/7/17, 8 pm, Chicago (Message for Details).

Underground Lounge, 7/3/17, 8 pm, 954 W Newport Ave, Chicago, IL


Performances: Cash me outside at:

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Underground Lounge at 8 pm on 4/3/17 (Stand up)

The Revival Open Mic at 9:30 pm on 4/8/17 (Stand up)

Annoyance Theater – Solo Character work – at 6:30 pm on 4/9/17 (Character work)

Spitballin’ at Shakers at 8 pm on 4/10/17 (Character work).



Next Show is on 2/7 at The Comedy Clubhouse, 8 pm

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See my comedy at The Comedy Clubhouse at 8 pm

1462 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, USA





Prompts from today’s show at Sketch on the Rocks

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Favorite tool: my boyfriend

I believe that: iphones will enslave us.

Should men hold doors for women: Yes and women should hold doors for men, whoever goes first.

Your name: Julia.

Circle one: (theme music)

Epic, War, Breaking News, Romance (the person circled “Romance”).

A title of a movie: “October Sky”

A piece of fruit or vegetable: Strawberry

Do you believe in God? I believe some people do

Name your God: I just share other people’s.

Real or made-up youtube channel: Pickle Fights.

Line of dialogue: that’s not what you said on Tuesday.

My political preference: Hodor 2016.

Character’s name: Jamie Lacroix. He hates sparkling water.

I like the most: Warm summer days.

Character name: Karen Fitzgerald. She’s afraid of pudding.

Favorite line from a movie: There’s a colonial woman. She’s churning butter!

What’s up guys! I have been busy, but here is an update.

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I just came back from a show at the Playground, I had fun, and on Monday I had class at the Annoyance with Bob Fisher, super nice guy 🙂

So I have been working on initiations lately, but Bob is trying to stretch us in terms of character range, so that’s going to be fun. CIC is still going strong, I am doing level 2 with Kyle Bethea and he is very good! Everyone in this community (improv community) is really good and there is a reason why they are where they are in terms of teaching positions and performing.

I have been dieting, since February I lost about 20 lbs, it’s pretty crazy. The only thing that works is counting calories and weights… that’s the key my friends. I may go into what I do for diet once I have more time. Also, I am reading the book Presence by Amy Cuddy, interesting book 🙂

I love the opportunity to play with my improv team, these people are awesome and I love them.

Doctor Robot 1/12/16

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The improv group doctor Robot open for Outlaw and MUD and one thing I can say is that they were really good. I enjoyed how they pretty much did not care about laughs at all and they took their time to establish who they were to each other and they invested in reality. The give and take was great, noone was yelling or showing unprovoked/fake emotions. I guess in one word I can say that they were grounded. In my mind I said, this is it, this is good improv and this is what I want to do. I mean, maybe I am exaggerating, they were good, and I enjoyed the show. Would I want to see every single improv scene for the rest of my life be a grounded and realistic scene? No. I want some crazyness and some bits. But investing in the reality of the scene without getting loud laughs is something that I want to be able to do more. And the thing is that to do that type of work you need a group that plays that way consistently. The moment one of the improvisers tries to go to crazy town, it’s hard to remain grounded. I may be wrong but this is what I think right now. It’s hard to remain grounded when one of the improvisers is taking you to unrealistic and crazy-town places.

Bagel Show at The Crowd Theater on Friday 1/8/16

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We had a good show at The Crowd theater with my group Bagel, it was fun, we basically were making moves and doing characters and making choices. In the end it was fun and that’s what it matters. I remember laughing a lot on the sidelines. The suggestion was white bread I think. We were a four player team today, and I came in with a funny predisposition and I think that lead to me having a funny show. Perhaps not the most grounded and smart show, but it was fun and the scenes where moving along.