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AP3 Annoyance – Kyle Dolan – Class Summary

By December 14, 2015class

I will dump what I remember from this Saturday’s class from my brain to this post:

The first half of the class was devoted to short two person scenes where the instruction from Kyle was to feel free to match our scene partner in body language, vocal choices and overall character emotion/attitude. Matching is used to help inform our character, but once we used that information, our character didn’t have to continue matching our scene partner. We can and should make our own choices once we have found something for us in the scene. Also, it was important not to drop our “deal” in the scene, while at the same time acknowledge our scene partner’s deal.

In part of the same exercise, we continued with the short two person scenes, this time one of us was called by Kyle to initiate the scene doing object work and quickly another person from the backline had to come forward and start doing object work together with the person that had initiated, so as to be on equal ground or “same page”.

The second half of the class was similar but we did longer scenes. In some of these longer scenes, the instruction from Kyle was to not look at each other. For example, in one of my scenes, I did a fishing scene with Dan. We were both on a fishing boat.