^^^^^ This is my next run of shows at Second City! ^^^^^

Improv Comedy Training

6 week Improv Workshop with Jason Shotts

A-E Improv at Second City

Voice and Speech at Second City

Dialects at Second City

Acting at Second City

iO Improv Program (completed)

Annoyance Theater Improv Program (completed)

CIC Improv Program (completed)

Improv As Theater – Theater Momentum

Stand up for Improvisers – Emily Lake

Week Long Summer Intensive Improv at Second City with Megan Hovde

Under the Gun Improv week long intensive with Kevin Mullaney

Ricardo Behrens Improv Intensive (Argentina)

Nico Cohen Physical Acting / Movement Intensive (Argentina)

Omar Argentino Galvan Improv Workshop (Chicago)

Workshop with Blain Swen

Workshop with Bill Cochran (Cook County Social Club)

Workshop with Meghan Babbe

Joy of failure with Harrison George, Zach Mast, Robert Bacon, David Schwartzbaum, Collin Dahlgren (Playground Theater).

Patrick Rowland Improv Pros Class (The Playground Theater)

Latin American Style Improv with Blad Moreno

The Mixer at the Playground (jam)

The Blender at CIC (jam) – two time winner!

Physical Comedy Workshop with Jorge Costa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stand up with Lilly Allison at The Annoyance Theater

Stand up class at The Lincoln Lodge

Developing your solo voice with Mike Gifford at The Annoyance Theater

Stand up class at Second City (201) with Chris Condren


Performing Experience

Existential Beekeepers at the Playground Theater

MUD at the Playground Theater (Incubator Team)

Solo Improv, Sketch on the Rocks, Playground Theater

Improv for Anxiety with PARC

Stand up at Second City, Under the Gun Theater.

Improv with Bagel at The Coop, The Crowd Theater

Improv in Spanish with Horchata (iO Theater)

Improv in Spanish with Tamales (Public House Theater)

Humorous speech competition at Toastmasters

Sketch “Hamsey and Hamsey (and Hamsey!)” at iO Theater

Stand up all around Chicago



Chicago Improv Festival host (hosted show featurning Jibarito Improv Theater, Flower Shop Bangers, Improñol, Omar Argentino Galvan).

Spanish Improv Drop-in Workshop producer/host at the Playground Theater.

ICE (Immigrant Comedy Experience), Producer/Host

The Outtaspace Comedy Hour, Producer/Host

Tight Five Monsters, Producer/Host



3 Hour Improv Workshop (Spanish) at La Sede Teatro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3 Hour Improv Workshop (Spanish)a at Impro Rodante, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2 Hour Public Speaking / Comedy Workshop for University Administrators.

Special Skills

Bilingual Spanish/English, Guitar (intermediate).